The Last   Sunday, September 20, 2020


the last

fog on Apache
moon lost in overcast
streetlights like
splash and pool
on the path
walk alone
as if always 
and forever hence

we are the

This a post with all, or mostly short poems, easy writing, easy reading. All of my poems in the post, except for the first couple, are from my first book Seven Beats a Second. I checked this morning to be sure, and confirmed that the book, my only print book, is still available on Amazon, both new and used.

Here and Now
The Last


the last
morning song
girl on a cellphone
dark chocolate
the cruelty of cats at play
why the boys go out on Saturday night
life is

Marcos McPeek Villatoro

While Voiding


while a bald man burns
star bright
the dreams of Mary Quemada

Diane Wakoski



the moon rising
what’s better than cold chocolate milk?


October blue
gives way
to November

and you can
the tides
of an old

morning song

a path wound its way
around the brick wall
that separated
our oasis
from the desolate
all around

from the other side
of the wall
I heard a soldier
in the sentry camp
outside the wall
begin a song,
a plaintive
morning song 
in his language,
strange to my ears
but soul-stretching
in the cold

girl on a cellphone

puffy in the face

like a marshmallow
too close
to the flame

leans against a car

kicks a tire

wipes a tear

kicks the tire again

leans against the car

rests her head
on the window glass

wipes a tear

on the curb

dark chocolate

she hoards anger
like sweet chocolate
in a brightly colored box

saves it
    stores it

lets its dark flavor grow
in anticipation

a secret remembered
on the back of her tongue

a secret cache of ire
released in quiet bites

a niggle here
    a nibble there

and hurt
in random


pervades the air
around her

the cruelty of cats at play

her black smile
cuts like a dagger through the dark
                                   slicing cleanly to the heart

"I have something to tell you"
she whispers

why the boys go out on Saturday night



especially when lit in






sex flashes through the night
drawing us through the rushing current


bashing our heads on the sharp rocks
of deceit and desire, all for a chance to
fuck our fish brains out before we die
in the shallow pool of everyday life

life is

is like a duck hunt

every time
you really start to fly

asshole in the weeds

your feathered butt

right out of the sky

This poem is by Marcos McPeek Villatoro, from his book They Say that I Am Two, published in 1997 by Arte Publico Press. It is a bilingual book, Spanish and English on facing pages.

From 1985 to 1996, Villatoro lived in various Latino worlds, both in the United States and in Central America. This book followed his novel, A Fire in the Earth, and his memoir, Walking to La Milpa: Living in Guatemala with Armies, Demons, Abrazos, and Death, both published in 1996.

While Voiding

The young man who grew old with whiskey
went outside.
He watched the stars that laughed
in a silent sky.
He thought, "I'm alive. At least I'm 
He soaked the same ground
from  yesterday and the day before.
He breathed crisp air
and made himself a drunken promise:
to breathe, sometimes slowly,
other moments panting,
but to breathe with
lungs that longed to fill themselves
with the laughter of stars.

while a bald man burns

three gulls circle
a bald man burns
in the fierce island sun
I trace gargoyles
in the sand
with my toe
you pretend to study
the book in your hand
three gulls circle
in the fierce island sun

star bright

imagine the stars
on cold desert nights,
spread across the wide, black sky,
beyond the desert and high mesas,
past prairies where trickster coyote calls,
past the land of mortal men
to the place where no man goes,
the place where spirits hunt
ghosts of buffalo

imagine sleeping
with this blaze of night around you,
black stars bright
with cold, unchallenged light

how you must fear the starless night,
when clouds close the sky around you
and bind you prisoner to the dark

the dreams of Mary Quemada

her long hair flowing
like a dark tide gathering
across her satin pillow,
she dreams of times past
and places she loved
      long gone

while I,
yearn to dream with her

This poem is by Diane Wakoski. I took it from her book, The Rings of Saturn, published by Black Sparrow Press in 1986.


Cast a white grid
still as oil.
The reflecting water
shrugs its undulating shoulders,
the stones' light, a shawl
over this sleeping woman torso.

the moon rising

ripples of wind
ruffle bay waters
like a lover's hand
soothing soft tangles
in her beloved's hair

gentle winds

quiet waters

bright stars warm
in the cool
autumn dark

the moon
empress of the night

what's better than cold chocolate milk?

what could be better than a big glass
of ice cold chocolate milk
on a warm summer day?

might be you,
up to your neck in a great big vat
of cold chocolate milk

could be you
floating on your back in an immense bowl
of cherry jello

even you
splashing like a puppy in a gigantic pot
of split-pea soup

or, hell, maybe just you

waiting for me

This last piece always requires a little explanation. 

It was inspired when, in a single week, I listened to an extended recording of whale song and, also, seeing the Star Trek movie when they have to return to the 20th century to capture a whale to take back to their own time (where whales are extinct) in order to save the earth from destruction.


from somewhere in the very deep
a great blue sang today, a song
of salty tides and bright mornings
fresh with sun and ocean air

a love song
among the giants

from somewhere in the other deep,
a growing choir responds, sings
of star-blinks and novas flashing,
songs of creation, songs of despair,
songs of spinning little worlds
that come and go and leave behind
the poetry of their time in passing

another song,
recorded for time never-ending

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  Peace in Our Time

at 5:57 PM Blogger davideberhardt said...

extra good photos this issue-altho i do not (u kno me re line lengths) am going to read the omes again- some possibilities

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